Monday 8 July 2013

Dystopian Rules!

Dystopian YA fiction is still hugely popular and nothing shows that more than the awesome blogging event DYSTOPIAN DOMINATION hosted every year by two bloggers, Kai and Precious. I had the privilege of taking part in the event last year, with the release of The Glimpse and now again this year with the release of The Fall. Whether you’re writing dystopian and want to know about this year’s popular releases from around the world, or you just love reading dystopian as much as we do, this is an event you’ll definitely enjoy. There are character interviews, author interviews and international giveaways for signed books and swag. 

Here’s what Precious, who hosts the blog Fragments of Life has to say about it:  

"Dystopian Domination came to life in May 14, 2011. At that time, Kai and I were thinking of hosting our second blog event together. We were both dystopian enthusiasts so naturally, we thought of hosting a blog event about YA dystopian novels. I was the one who suggested that we use Dystopian Domination for the title. Why, you ask? In 2011, it seemed to me that dystopia was dominating the YA field. We hosted our first ever ‘DD’ as we like to call it, with excitement and anxiety. It was our first time to host something that big. I consider it big because we sought out YA dystopian novels not only in USA but also in other parts of the world like Australia (Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres is an example) and UK (such as 20 Years by Emma Newman). That way, we are spreading the dystopian love internationally, highlighting books from across the globe and uniting dystopian enthusiasts and authors in a single blog event. 

After the first post, the comments started trickling in. It turned out that a lot of people were excited for the event! But what really surprised us were the comments that came after the event. There were people who told us that we inspired them to host their own blog events (who wouldn’t smile to that?) There are readers and fellow bloggers who say that they look forward to Dystopian Domination every year. For that reason, we continued hosting the DD blog event series. We hosted DD2 and DD3 last year. This year, from June to July, we are hosting Dystopian Domination 4. It’s not only a tradition for us. It’s also a treat for our readers, a gift to authors and a fountain of discovery (a lot of people discover new reads during DD) for everyone."

To read my character interview with Cole featured on Dystopian Domination last week, and win signed copies of The Glimpse and The Fall click HERE

And just up today, you can also check out the interview with Teri Terry and win copies of Fractured. Click HERE

Thanks Kai and Precious for such a fabulous blogging event. Dystopian Rules! Link to Kai's blog HERE. Link to Precious' blog HERE

by Claire Merle
author of THE GLIMPSE (2012)
and THE FALL (Glimpse sequel 2013) 

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