Julienne Durber

My first novel, coming soon.
A 'low-tech-sci-fi' story of revenge and retribution.

In a world full of cog heads and spring-brains Will Spilsbury wants revenge on Wind-a-Corps, the people who killed his sister.
And he's going right to the top!

Honorary mention in the 2012 SCBWI Undiscovered Voices anthology.

Who am I?
A freelance illustrating, graphic designing aspiring writer who looks like this:

What have I done?
In between working as a graphic designer in the wine and spirits industry and singing and playing in rock bands, I've always written and illustrated.
My earliest book, The Adventures of Sid Spider, written and illustrated at the age of eight was a smash hit with both my parents and grandparents.  My baby brother was more critical, but I managed to get the single copy of the book back off him before he ate it!
Later critically acclaimed but unsuccessful forays into comic strips, graphic novels and eventually novels have all been building to SPRINGPUNK, my second consecutive honorary mention in an SBCWI Undiscovered Voices anthology.

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