Monday 17 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas Is...

    The Demention Team is looking forward to a Christmas break after a fantastic
                      launch year! Thanks for your company, it’s been fun. 

                   A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone. 

            Here are our (slightly demented) Christmas Wishes.... what’s yours?!


All I want for Christmas ... is time.

My head is packed full of stories - I need time to write them, refine them, polish them into perfect jewels. (Only last night whilst flicking through the innumerable tv channels I chanced upon a sound bite that is the perfect opening line and jumping-off point for my next book. The one after the one I'm only a third of the way through!)

The world is packed with great books, my bookcase is groaning under the weight of unread stories - I need time to read them all. (And now I can download things as well - free classics to borrow straight onto my phone!)

My world is packed with friends, people to laugh with, sing with, play with, have in depth discussions with - I need time to enjoy them all.

A head full of ideas, shelves full of books, a life full of friends ... I have all I want for Christmas.


Dear Santa,

I  have been  very good   mostly good   occasionally good  haven’t committed any actual crimes all year. Also, I’ve done my very best to not leave things to the last minute  all of the time  most of the time  sometimes  and I have made  all  almost all of my deadlines by  working diligently  staying up all night. And I  never  almost never  sometimes  spend valuable writing time on Facebook and Twitter.

So please for the first time ever could you take me off the naughty list, and put me on the  nice list  not totally lost cause list?

Just in case it is a yes, and it’s not too much trouble, here is my modest little Christmas wish-list:
  1. Please could you get the UK government to change the tax laws so my tax return isn’t due in January so I don’t have to do my taxes over Christmas? (which could of course been done months ago, but heh - this is me we’re talking about)
  2. A large supply of calorie-free chocolate
  3. A movie deal for Slated.
p.s. say hello to Rudolph.


Merry Christmas.

For Christmas I’m hoping for a ‘Men in Black’ Neuralyzer, so I can wipe my mind and reread my work in progress with no memory of having written it. (Why is it so easy to read someone elses WIP and know exactly what needs work/ revising/ correcting/ deleting, and so hard with your own characters, scenes and story?) 
And while I’m wishing for MiB gadgets I also wouldn’t say no to the auto-clone machine so that I can make quick-clones every time there’s housework to do. Signed copy of The Glimpse to anyone who can tell me where to get hold of these!


Dear Santa, 

It's a little bit tricky but... 

All I want for Christmas is an extra day in the week. One just for me. Myday. A secret day that slips between the cracks of Friday and Saturday, still with a glimmer of Friday feeling. A day where my week’s work is done (ha!) and I can fill my time with reading the books piled beside my bed that I never get around to and have a filmfest of all the stuff I’ve meant to see and didn’t have time for. 

With the normal rules of time suspended, there are no deadlines, word counts, invoices, emails or any other of the hundred and one things that normally have to be done. I can think and dream like a child and see where my imagination takes me. And there’s no one waiting for dinner or needing a washing done - Mother Time has ensured that such things don’t apply on Mydays. 

And since the Internet, FB and Twitter are all trapped in human time, there’s none of that either - which leaves a LOT of extra time to fill. I’m sure I can remember how...

Best of all, I can chomp my way through all the chocolate I hope you’re leaving in my Christmas stocking. If Myday is outwith time, it surely doesn't count. Which, now that I think of it, could be very interesting in all sorts of ways... hey, there's a great idea for a book!

*Thanks to Julienne for the Christmas graphics!


  1. Teri, your number 3's on my wishlist too!

    1. are you on Santa's nice list? you might have more luck than me with Santa :O)

  2. Awesome graphic, Julienne! Very funny!!

  3. I think we look really good in green: who knew?

  4. I'm wishing for calorie-free chocolate too :)

    Merry Xmas!