Monday 1 October 2012

Julienne's Big Announcement - I have an Agent!

My first ever Demention post featured the launch of our own Teri Terry's Slated in the style of a dark dystopian narrative.

It seemed only appropriate to blog about the events of the last week in the same style.

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Monday - 07:32

My cover was prepared - for many months I had been deep within the Organisation posing as a lowly design operative, an excellent position from which to feed information back to my Aspiring and Elevated brethren and sistren.  No one at the Organisation had suspected a thing, but this week, this week of change, my cover was in danger of being blown.

Within the ranks of the String Mistresses and Word Slashers, rumours were flowing, vines heavy with botrytis-rotted grapes were quivering.  Too many people knew change was upon us, but too few knew what form this change would take.  Speculation was rife and even I had myself been interrogated within the ranks of the Aspiring, but my nerve had held ... just.

Tuesday - 11:47

A secret coded communique arrived!  Risking my cover, I broke the seal within the very offices of the Organisation.  Rejoice - Cogs were moving!  A reorganisation within the ranks of the String Mistresses meant that an opportunity had arisen for more of the Aspiring to become Elevated, and I had been chosen to be one of the first!

But the information was to be guarded for another 48 hours.  Torture!  I spent the rest of the day haunted, jumping at every noise, suspecting each shadow.  One stray word and the Enforcers could descend on me!

Wednesday - 10.14

The call went out mid morning.  The illicit airwaves and underground grapevine crackled with the news - one of our finest new String Mistresses and a deft Slasher of Words - Gemma Cooper - had been recruited by that most flexible of groups, The Bent Agency.  She would be joining Mistress of Strings Molly Ker Hawn in representing Bent's underground activity in the UK.

Risking breaking their own cover, Aspiring and Elevated, String Mistresses and Word Slashers jammed the airwaves with congratulations for Gemma.

Thursday - 09:07

Confirmation arrived!  I was free to announce my own news.  Picking a moment when the Enforcers were distracted and only one distracted guard was slouching through the office, I sent the missive I'd spent a sleepless night preparing and encoding:

- Friends - Gemma Cooper has agreed to turn her string pulling and word slashing skills to my advantage - My journey towards Elevation has taken another step - Fight the Organisation! - 

Friday - 15:00

What seems like a continuous flow of messages of joy from both Elevated and Aspiring have reached me.  To risk blowing their cover to offer such support gives me hope that, with the help of the String Mistresses and Word Slashers, we can overcome the Organisation's Enforcers and triumph.

But for now, brethren and sistren, let us sink below the parapet until another victory necessitates our uprising again.

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  1. Operation code name 'World Domination' now activated! Onwards and upwards... Yay!

    1. Good to have you on board, Colonel Bertagna.

  2. The leaves are turning red in Leningrad but the sky lark only sung thrice. If you spot a caravan between two yellow cars, duck.

    1. The filter-tipped bootlaces are the correct shade of liquorice. Caravan trap avoided. The rendezvous is set.

  3. No, no... It's if you spot a DUCK between two yellow cars, do not enter the caravan. Wait for the one-eared labradoodle.

  4. Well and about time too. Some quarters are slow to recognize a good thing when they see one. Mind you, this post rather reinforces rumours of instability.

  5. I have no idea what any of you are talking about - must have skipped a dimension coming back. But CONGRATS. (Trumpets and horns blowing in your honour!)

    1. Thanks Claire (And I'll send you a code book - I mean the blue-downed eagle will arrive at dawn, accompanied by the accordion of cyphers)

  6. You are certifiable. Congratulations!
    Hope you have signed on the dotted line before the appearance of ducks :O)