Sunday 1 July 2012

Slated Book Bloggers! Be afraid, be very afraid...

by Teri Terry

Slated: the Launch! In London,
(Waterstones Islington)
Slated launched on 3rd May of this year in the UK. Before and after, I've been SO very fortunate to have amazing book bloggers and reviewers take the time to read and say what they think about it.

I wanted to say thank-you, but how....?

The day before my book launched, writing friends Candy Gourlay and Jo Wyton launched a surprise Facebook mass Slating of friends - as reported in a Notes from the Slushpile blog, here. And it went a bit nuts: Slated friend's faces took over my page.

Then, a few weeks ago: a light bulb moment!
I emailed book bloggers all over the world who reviewed Slated, interviewed me, or both, looking for those who were brave enough, had just enough sense of adventure, enough of a crazy streak, to be Slated.

And here they are: thanks, guys! In date order of appearance on the web.

A word of caution: Slating is an interesting technique. Lorders would have us believe they know exactly what they are doing, that it is one size fits all. Yet results can be unpredictable. Especially when I am the surgeon. Mwahahahahahaha....

Kerrie and Kim, of Two Girls and a Novel:
Kim reviewed Slated on 28th April, here.

Tracy's review of Slated went up on her blog on 30th April, here. But it was actually the very first review of Slated I ever saw - she had an advance-advance last year - so it is very special to me
(author confession: I actually cried when I read it).

M, of We Sat Down
M reviewed Slated on 2nd May, here (this photo is from when she was just a little younger!)

Stephanie of Steph Likes Books:
Steph reviewed Slated on launch day! 3rd of May, here.  

Vicki, of ComaCalm's Corner
Vicki reviewed Slated on 4th of May, here

Kirsty, of Overflowing Library
Kirsty reviewed Slated on 4th of May, here. She also printed extracts of Slated in the lead up to publication.

Evie, of Bookish:
Evie reviewed Slated on 4th May and had a giveaway, here.

Misty, The Book Rat:
Misty interviewed me, here and reviewed Slated, here, on 9th of May

Stephanie, of Ramblings of a Readaholic:
Stephanie - also a bookseller at the by-all-accounts amazing Seven Stories in Newcastle that I'm dying to visit - reviewed Slated on May 21, here.

Kayla reviewed Slated on 1st June, here.

Nicole Burstein, from The Reluctant Hypersomniac
Nicole reviewed Slated on 15th of June, here.

Hannah, The Girl in the Cafe
Interview on June 21, here.

And..... just because he is SOOOOO scary -
my fellow Demention blogger, Julienne Durber.

Special thanks: to author Jo Wyton for coming up with this crazy idea in the first place:
Always be nervous of those with the sweetest smiles....
 ...and to author Candy Gourlay, for running with it, and also for the crash course in Photoshop so I could Slate bloggers myself!
Candy & Me, at the Slated book launch! Looking a bit more sane, than Slated by Candy, here:

A final warning: don't try this at home, like author Chris Priestley. DIY Slating could lead to this -

Sorry if I missed anyone! 
BUT it's not too late. This was so much fun, I may like to do it again. Contact me - either here on the Demention contact form, or by Twitter or Facebook. There may be a round 2...

So... who is your favourite Slated Blogger? Let us know!


  1. What does your cover designer think of all this? Has he/she been slated?

    1. good idea! Hachette's MD and Orchard's Publishing Director have been Slated, too

  2. I GOT SLATED. *runs around and adds it as her profile picture everywhere*

    1. Serious: it SUITS you. You should go into book covers

  3. It worked! What a scary picture! :)
    And it makes me very happy to know my review holds a special place in your heart because you know that reading Slated helped restore my faith in certain writing matters so is special to me too.

  4. Ha ha! It was a great idea in the first place and a fab idea for thanking the book bloggers and reviewers! But...once Slated you can never go back...

    1. maybe they can review Slated over and over again? since they won't remember...!

  5. I think Chris Priestley's is outstanding

    1. ...but not as scary as you :O)
      (though that Jo Wyton is pretty frightening as well!!)

  6. There's something ironic about you becoming a slater ...

  7. I love all of these pictures! haha :D It's such a great idea!

  8. Love it! Loved the book, too. Just finished reading it and can't wait for the sequel. There is a sequel, right? Right???

    1. Thanks so much! And YES. Fractured will be out next May, and picks up where Kyla left off in Slated :0)